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Keith & Linda Ramsay


48 years! That's amazing! The image of their hands overlapping touches my heart… beautiful job!

This is really lovely work Jade. Beautiful images and a beautiful couple. Congratulations to them!

Awwww I LOVE that first cuddly one on the bench. Adorable. I can only hope my husband and I will look as happy as these two in 48 years 🙂

Oh my goodness what an adorable photoshoot! I bet they loved their images!

What a sweet couple! Oh my gosh! Those images are amazing 🙂

Wow how cute are they?!!?! Beautiful images, they must have loved them!

I LOVE this. Really. Such a beautiful couple to capture.

What cute photos! You have left a wonderful legacy for their children and grandchildren!!!

Love this!! So very sweet 🙂

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