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JR + Angie – An Engagement Session

angelyn pacheco

Yeahh!! thank GOD i found you Jade! 🙂

I am so happy on that day!! Actually from the time i saw your photos on the website i was like " she’s gonna be our photographer " until i met you in person , i know that you know from a woman’s view on what i was talking about ..

Especially, we have a really good experience with you when we have the engagement session your such a sweetie, you know what your doing and on which angle looks good , even helping me on arranging my hair so it’s not on my face [ thanks girlfriend! 🙂 ] and the directions on what to do to look really good on the photos.

We just LOVE soo much the ART of the photos which speaks so much about our love for each other.. Thanks so much Jade we really appreciate it! and I can’t wait to see the photos too after the BIG day!! God Bless!! 😀

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