Shannon & Travis - Married // Victoria Wedding Photography

I could think of no better way to get back into the swing of things than shooting a wedding with these two!  This was not only my first wedding of the year (back in May!) but it was my first after being off for quite a while since having my daughter.  The first time I actually met Travis and Shannon was on their wedding day, both when they were walking down the aisle as they live in Calgary and were only in Victoria for a few short days for the wedding.  They were both very easygoing, sweet and made me comfortable at once.  The ceremony at St. Anne’s Academy was filled with many sweet moments such as when their two boys came up to witness their vows and there were hugs (and tears) all around. Afterwards we popped across the street to Beacon Hill park to take some photos with the wedding party.  I just loved Shannon’s unique wedding dress that she made in part by herself. Seriously, I can barely sew a button onto a sweater!   These two are as unique as their love for each other is – I can really tell they have something special together.

Shannon & Travis I thank you for having me be a part of your wedding day and I wish you all the happiness in the world

St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography4
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography2
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography3
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography1
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography5
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography6
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography7
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography8
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography10
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography12
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography14
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography11
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography15
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography17
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography18
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography20
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography19
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography23
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography22
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography21
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography26
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography27
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography29
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography28
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography33
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography35
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography30
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography32
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography36
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography37
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography38
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography39
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography40
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St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography45