20 Months!! // Life with a baby.

Last week my little girl turned 20 months.   In 4 months she was be 2. TWO!  I have to keep on telling myself this day after day to mentally prepare myself for it. I had a hard time when she turned one because I felt like she was no longer my baby anymore. But two…well two is just a different ballgame. Yes I’m terrified of the “terrible 2’s” but we are already seeing some of that rear its ugly head.  Two also means she will be starting preschool soon and two definitely means my baby is gone.  Ahhhhhh! I hate this growing up thing.  I do have to say it’s been pretty fun watching her personality come out over these last few months.  She’s a spicy one!  A few of her newly developed quirks include:

- putting her clothes on and taking them off all by herself over and over and over again.  She gets so frustrated when she can’t quite do it and starts yelling and throwing things.  But then she gets right back to it and is absolutely determined to get it.  She has perfected putting her shoes on by herself and she’s pretty darn proud.

-she calls every other kid a “baby” even if they are older than her which has ruffled feathers at the playground.

-she has recently started calling milk “schloe”……don’t ask me hahaha

-she's obsessed with moles. I’m not sure if it’s because my husband has a lot of moles on his body or what!  She will always point and say “mole” and she loves when I do the Austin Powers “moley, moley moley” hahahah.  We went to Tim Hortons pretty early in the morning the other day and her and I were in line behind someone who had a big mole on their neck. It was totally quiet in there until she pointed and shouted “MOLE!”.  I couldn’t help but laugh….I mean this poor guy was probably self-conscious about his mole but she doesn’t know any better.  What can you do?

-she will do something cute or funny and then say "oh boy" - it's adorable! 

-we have recently started the dreaded “mine” phase. Everything is “MINE”.  Poor Ethann can’t touch a thing in the house without her freaking out and yelling MINE!  Sometimes she cries in the morning when I’m putting on a certain pair of underwear because she thinks they are hers.  We go for a playdate at someone’s house and she rips toys out of their hand and yells “mine”. Deep breaths.  And lots of wine.   This isn't even to mention the battles about clothes or shoes she is going to wear out of the house.  Where the heck did this attitude come from??!! 

Sleep has been pretty good lately minus some teething nights here and there.  She has almost all of her teeth except for her 2 year molars so I’m hoping we can get a few months of reprieve before those start coming in.  She has even started going to bed earlier and  sleeping in (sometimes until 7:30!).  For the first time in almost two years I have started setting my alarm clock for the days I have to work. I never thought I would be so happy to hear that shrill beeping noise. Sure beats getting woken up by a cry at 5am.

All in all life is pretty great with this little munchkin. She’s been testing us a bit but she’s still my sweet, cuddly little girl who loves her dog videos.

Also we are going to start potty training in a few weeks!  I would love any insight, tips, tricks, or barrels of wine shipped to my house please and thank you.  Here are a few from a recent mom + me session we had with the amazingly sweet and talented Shantal Marie Creative.


Shannon & Travis - Married // Victoria Wedding Photography

I could think of no better way to get back into the swing of things than shooting a wedding with these two!  This was not only my first wedding of the year (back in May!) but it was my first after being off for quite a while since having my daughter.  The first time I actually met Travis and Shannon was on their wedding day, both when they were walking down the aisle as they live in Calgary and were only in Victoria for a few short days for the wedding.  They were both very easygoing, sweet and made me comfortable at once.  The ceremony at St. Anne’s Academy was filled with many sweet moments such as when their two boys came up to witness their vows and there were hugs (and tears) all around. Afterwards we popped across the street to Beacon Hill park to take some photos with the wedding party.  I just loved Shannon’s unique wedding dress that she made in part by herself. Seriously, I can barely sew a button onto a sweater!   These two are as unique as their love for each other is – I can really tell they have something special together.

Shannon & Travis I thank you for having me be a part of your wedding day and I wish you all the happiness in the world

St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography4
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography2
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography3
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography1
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography5
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography6
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography7
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography8
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography10
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography12
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography14
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography11
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography15
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography17
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography18
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography20
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography19
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography23
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography22
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography21
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography26
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography27
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography29
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography28
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography33
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography35
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography30
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography32
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography36
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography37
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography38
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography39
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography40
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography42
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography43
St.Anne's academy_wedding_photography45

Dave & Claire's Oak Bay Beach Hotel Wedding Slideshow // Victoria Wedding Photography

I’m not too good at captioning these days so I’m just going to let this slideshow speak for itself.  Best couple, funnest day.  And don’t correct my grammar.  A slew of photos will follow soon from this gorgeous Oak Bay Beach Hotel wedding.

18 months going on 18 // Life with a Baby

18 months ago she came into the world with quite the dramatic entrance. Thirty something hours of labor, an ambulance ride and a near C section and she was (finally) here.  All 9lbs of her. Little did I know that this dramatic entrance into the world was foreshadowing what was about to come. 

At a year and a half, Zaiya is spirited, hilarious, very opinionated, strong and quite demanding (she directs the family on where to sit, how to fluff her pillow up for her, etc) along with being the most loving and affectionate little person.  She will often say “momma”, wrap her arms around me and give me a big slobbery kiss.  Strangers stop us to say how cute she is and although we are biased, not everyone in the world can be wrong about that.  From about a year to now, things have been getting better and better. She mostly sleeps through the night, has learned to walk/run,  is talking a LOT (bubbles! Is her favorite right now) and likes to copy everything we do.   She tries to say “I love you” but its sounds more like “duh beh” which melts hearts.  We recently figured out that “DIE” does not in fact mean we are raising the devil but that she wants to go “OUTSIDE”. She loves riding up and down escalators about a million times, pushing all the buttons on elevators,  wearing gumboots with every outfit, screaming “HI” to whomever we are talking to on Skype very obnoxiously over and over again, and being tucked in with a fluffy blanket –the girl likes to be comfortable, what can I say?!   She eats like a champ,  loves throwing rocks, going down slides and swimming.  I can’t even fathom that she’s only been earth side for 18 months because I have no idea what we used to do before her, but at the same time I wonder how the heck my little baby is not a baby anymore. She's turning into a little girl. Stop growing up because I can’t take it anymore.  That being said, you couldn't pay me enough to go back and do that baby thing again. I need my sleep and that shit is insane. 

Today was a bit of a rough day for her because she scraped up her knees pretty badly (yet again) and got scratched on her face by a kitty at daycare.  Like the tough chick she is, she didn't shed one tear.   I had big plans to do an 18 month birthday shoot but frankly I'm exhausted. It's wedding season and life is just crazy. Instead we hung out in our backyard and BBQ'd, and I took a few shots of our everyday life.  Yes we hang out by the trash because Zaiya likes to throw rocks, no I haven't washed her face all day and our yard/house is kind of a disaster most days. But boy are we happy and enjoying our time together. 

Happy 18 months sweet pea.