Bella Coola

I haven’t been back home to Bella Coola for almost 3 years now so I decided to make an appearance after Christmas to visit my family. Every time I come back here there is major culture shock to get over for the first couple of days. It’s really weird and hard to explain but its like everything has stayed exactly the same as it was from when I was a kid.  There are the same knick-knacks in the same places, the same people living in the same houses and doing the same things.  I guess because my life has gone through so many changes in the last 10 years since I have moved it’s hard to comprehend that some things can stay the same for so long. UNLESS this is the twilight zone. Completely possible. 

I have to admit it has been nice being home and doing absolutely nothing. And I mean nothing. The highlights?  I’d have to say shooter Yahtzee tournaments with the family (even Grandma was doing shots), watching my brother almost puke eating a Tequila worm and catching up with my old high school friends.  I really can’t complain since my week has consisted of drinking home made raspberry wine and mimosas, eating everything under the sun including my Grandma’s delicious macaroni casserole (my fave) and pretty much just chilling out.  What I used to hate about this place is that there is nothing to do. These days my life is pretty hectic and coming back here forces me to do nothing which is probably exactly what I need to recharge my battery.  I’m flying out tomorrow and more than ready to go but it’s been a slice!  

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