Boating Fun

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – I love boating. I am fortunate enough to have good friends who own beautiful boats and that like me enough to invite me out with them all the time.  Last weekend my girlfriend’s nieces were in town so we took the kids out on the boat for a couple of hours and cruised over to Sidney Spit.  We saw the most insane Yacht on the way over- it had a freaking helicopter on it!!  We anchored off of the Spit and took the kids over to the beach in the dingy for a bit. The kids wanted to go swimming but after getting wet up to the waist they were shaking like leaves!!  Instead they resorted to playing dress up with the insane number of hats that live on the boat. 

I brought my camera but didn’t get a chance to take that many pictures – with three kids on a boat it’s mayhem! Here are a few photographs that I did take:

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