A Photo A Day – Day #2

I recently read some information on freelensing – something I had not heard of until just a couple of weeks ago. Basically, you hold your unattached lens in front of the camera’s exposed sensor and tilt it until the subject is focused.  This will let you reinvent your focal plane and also turn a lens into a macro because you can get much closer if the lens isn’t attached to your camera.  How cool?   For this photo I used a bottle that belonged to my grandma who passed away very recently.  I actually have 7 really cool old glass bottles that were hers and they sit on my kitchen window sill. They are so gorgeous and I love it because they remind me of her every morning when I come into the kitchen to prepare for my day. 

The sun came out just in time for my shoot and it produced amazing bokeh and some really cool lighting. This combined with the slightly blurry bottle reminded me a bit of a heavenly dream.  I’m loving the freelensing – something I will definitely be experimenting a lot with in the future.

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