Anxiety attacks or outsourcing?

This year has been busy. I don’t mean just yawning-in-the-morning-need-a-latte-right-now kinda busy. I mean health problem-anxietyattack-crying-breakdown busy.  I’m not looking for sympathy and I’m not whining. In fact I feel extremely grateful that my business has grown so much in this past year but with still working another full time job it’s come to the point that something is going to give and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be me if I don’t do something soon. 

As you know from last week’s post, I have been reading a lot of Jasmine Star‘s blog lately. One thing that surprised me is that she outsources her editing.  I mean, I guess now that I have done some research on it I’m not THAT surprised but it never really occurred to me that this is something I should be doing. Perhaps it has something to do with my control issues. Let someone else edit my work? Ummmmm say what?!  Give up control? It would be a big step for me BUT the more I research the subject the more appealing it sounds. There are so many editing companies out there that are willing to work with photographers to achieve the results they want. So maybe you can have creative control AND sanity!  What a concept. 

I’m in the process of trying out a few different editing companies right now and will let you know the the results and what I decide to do.  

I would love to hear some feedback from other photogs out there – do you outsource? What has been your experience and who do you use?  I think it’s important to share your experience so we can all learn from each other in this insane journey because it can be so hard to navigate on your own! 

Thanks for reading and happy 12.12.12!!!! 


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