Chelsea & David Married!

Chelsea and David met at summer camp when they were 14 years old.  After camp they lost touch for quite a while until they met again through a mutual friend some years later.  They fell in like and start dating. They fell in love and continue dating.  Four years later they were celebrating their May anniversary at Point No Point resort. David started giving Chelsea a foot massage (I think women should only date men who give foot massages) and recited a poem to her that ended in “marry me Chelsea!”. If this isn’t the stuff fairy tales are made of then I don’t know what is.

What can I say about this day besides it was stellar in every sense of the word? Filled with family, friends, laughs and of course lots of love.  Chelsea, being a wedding photographer herself (check out her amazing work here) planned the perfect day with lots and lots of time for photos. There was no stress, no running around and no time crunches.  In other words, a photographer’s dream wedding.  From Chelsea’s custom made wedding dress to the homemade wine (complete with labels with hand drawn characters from Chelsea’s cartoon greeting card line, “Hippo Humor”) and the zombie wedding cake, this wedding was completely personalized to these two love birds. Their day was filled with so much of them that it was impossible not to celebrate in the real life love that these two have for one another.

The day started out with the girls hanging out at Chelsea’s mom’s house getting their hair and makeup done by the wonderful girls at Ma-Luxe Studios, mimosas in hand – DUH.  These ladies are all so gorgeous, sweet and so much fun!


Daniel Byrne from Daniel Byrne Photography helped me out with this wedding. He hung out with the groom and groomsmen while I was with the ladies and got some really fun shots!

Next we headed to a field in Beacon Hill park for a first look.  I’m such a huge advocator for first looks and you can see why by looking at these photos. David was completely speechless when he saw his beautiful bride and being able to share this private moment alone (minus my camera of course) allowed them to really soak in the moment and express their love to each other without the added pressure of other witnesses.


Meanwhile back at the house Daniel and the wedding party were still hanging out & “getting ready”….

The wedding party joined us in Beacon Hill for some photos before we headed to the Roundhouse to take advantage of the awesome backdrop.

After finishing all of the photos we headed back to Chelsea’s parents house where the wedding was taking place so everyone could chill out for a bit and have a snack before the wedding.  You need to be nourished before you get married! The ceremony was so beautiful – meaningful, funny and full of love.  I can’t believe I held it together and didn’t shed one tear!

The cellist learned the songs from David and Chelsea’s favorite movies and TV shows – the men walked in to the Top Gun theme, the bride and groom signed their marriage license to the Harry Potter theme and the walk out song was the theme song of Game of Thrones.


After everyone had a chance to hang out a bit and munch on the home made popcorn Chelsea stayed up all night making, we headed to the Horseshoe Club for the reception. I loved all of the rustic details – it made the venue seem so cozy.

Such a wicked zombie cake!

This stunning cake was made by one of Chelsea & David’s good friends. Unbelievable! I kinda wish I could bake like this….

The first dance was to The Band of Horses “Marry Song” which has been their song since they started dating.



A little bit after everyone else started dancing Chelsea, her sisters and mom broke out in a flash singing mob singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” to David – I think he was pretty surprised.  I was so happy we were able to get it all on video for them to thanks to my second shooter!

I’m going to end with this photo because I just love it. It’s like they are the only two in the room. I wish you two the very best on all of the adventures in the future together as husband and wife – all of the love in the world!


Makeup: Carly Flint of Ma-luxe Studios

Hair: Marion Groot of Ma-luxe Studios 

Bridesmaid’s dresses: SugarBits

Florist: Verbena Floral Design

Reception Venue: Royal Victoria Horseshoe Club

Marriage Commissioner: Joan Hoffman



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