Frank, Sheena + Max

Frank and Sheena are officially my most photographed couple!  In fact their maternity session was my very first session I EVER blogged about back in 2010 – crazy!  Looking back I’m not sure why I didn’t post more photos because there were tons of them!!?? From there I photographed baby Max about a month after he was born and we have been doing annual sessions ever since.  I love seeing how much Max changes year after year. He is seriously one of the sweetest and of course cutest little boys I know.  He really loves music and always pulls out his little guitar and “microphone” (it’s some kind of plastic bar) when we go over to their house.  My favorite is when he plays a song on the guitar and sings. By singing I mean he actually puts his “microphone” in his mouth so he can’t actually sing or even talk – it’s sooo hilarious and adorable.  I love this family so so much and hopefully I will be able to photograph more maternity pictures of Sheena in the near future 🙂 

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