Guess who got married?

So I have a bit of very exciting news I’m ready to share with the internet. On Sunday April 28th I GOT MARRIED!  Wooot woot!  After 8 years of dating I finally took the plunge and married my best friend.  We got engaged last May and planned to get married in the summer of 2014. In January this year I started looking at venues and tallying up the amount of people we would have attending. Because we have so many friends and big families the number was getting up around 150 and just thinking about planning a wedding of this size was stressing me out. Being a wedding photographer I see a lot of the stress, worrying and planning that goes into weddings and I’m just not cut out for it with respect to my own wedding.  Not even to mention the money required for a large wedding. For this reason we decided to have a “top secret” wedding this year.  Honestly I can’t believe we pulled it off!  We told our immediate family only about two months before the big day and were thrilled that everyone was on board and able to make it. Keeping the truth from our friends was the hard part….and not being able to talk to my girlfriends about girly details like the dress and shoes was pure torture!   I had to avoid friends for the two weeks before because I was pretty sure I was going to develop a mild case of Tourette Syndrome and blurt out that I was getting married.  

Everyone has been asking me who photographed our wedding, being I’m in the industry. In fact our good friends from Vancouver offered to do our wedding photos for us as a wedding present. Pretty amazing and generous of them!!!!  In fact neither of them really do wedding photography so that made me appreciate their offer that much more. Photographing a wedding can be really stressful – believe me, I know!  Robin and Lulu did an AMAZING job especially since they were thrown a few curve balls. The weather was sooo cold and it was super windy.  Not only were we freezing but hair was whipping around in our faces…trying to get a decent picture during the wedding must have been tough. It was so cold that they had about 5 minutes with my husband and myself afterwards to do some bride and groom portraits. By that time being outside in the freezing cold in just my wedding dress was starting to really get to me and I had had enough.  Within that 5 minutes they got some really great shots of us and I don’t even look like I’m about to pass out from the cold!  Overall they did such a great job capturing heartfelt candid moments and I am so thankful they were there to document our wedding day.

I will post some of their photos of the wedding as soon as they are available to me to stay tuned!

In the meantime, of course I couldn’t help but doing a few detail shots of my own (heheh)….

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