38 weeks – holy crap! // Real life pregnancy chronicles #8

38 weeks. So I guess this is really happening. I’m pretty much at the end of my pregnancy.  It’s funny, sometimes I’m like ok kid let’s just do this and other times I’m like, OMG what was that? I’m cramping, something is going on. OMG, I’M GOING INTO LABOUR, I’M NOT READY.  I’m on my last week of work and have so many things I would love to get done around my house before the baby arrives. At the same time I don’t ever feel like I’m going to be completely ready and there is always something to clean/do so if she came a little sooner it would be totally ok. Better early than late at this point.

This girl  has so much personality and we haven’t even met her yet.  She is definitely strong willed and knows how to get what she wants…already. From the womb. Good lord we are in trouble. She already has my husband so wrapped around her little finger too…I have a feeling she will be a daddy’s girl.  She wants a back rub every night and she lets him know not to stop by kicking the crap out of my stomach. when he does. If she has anything to do with it she will be out in no time. Just last night she kicked and punched for a good 2 hours straight. And I don’t mean just little jabs, like she was going CRAZY in there. I thought something might actually be wrong but I guess she is just a super active baby. As soon as I turn out the lights and turn on my side to go to sleep, she stops moving almost right away and sleeps (usually) through the night.  Sometimes she will wake up around 3am for a bit but goes back to sleep within a half an hour. Let’s see if she follows the pattern when she’s out of there – fingers crossed!

I had baby shower #2 last week, the grand finale. Holy hell did we get spoiled. I can’t even begin to list everything we got but I sure felt the love. I really do have the best friends/co-workers. The best part was that everyone made the baby a custom onesie using plain white onesies and fabric paint. There are some awesome ones – stay tuned to see all the pics of baby in them.  ALSO, my friends kick ass. They treated me to a spa day and we went out for a nice lunch afterwards.  There is nothing better than a massage when pregnant, especially near the end when EVERYTHING hurts. It’s been a crazy month of being spoiled and I’m definitely feeling grateful to have so many awesome people in my life.

Overall I’m still feeling pretty good but the aches and pains are getting to be more and more and I’m feeling pretty big now.  A new development is that my hands are sore! Who knew? They are definitely a little swollen but my wedding ring finally fits perfectly!  When I told the jeweler it was a little big still after a sizing he said (and these are his EXACT WORDS), “well, just keep it that way in case you eat too many burgers or get knocked up”. WHAT?! I think my husband and I were too shocked he said that to argue with him he should make my ring smaller so we just left. I guess he was right, after all.  I’ve also had a few days with pretty bad cramping which definitely means my body is getting ready for the big day. It helps if I rest but it’s hard to with so much to do!  I’ve also had a resurgence of bad heartburn, often in the middle of the night.  Maybe she will be born with a full head of hair?  We shall soon see!

My next update will probably be a picture of this squirmy baby!!  Feel free to leave any positive labor stories you have (hold the horror stories please) – any encouragement right now is much appreciated going into these last few weeks!

Thanks to Indy & Feather Photography for this family photo!

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