Jason & Kayla // Victoria Wedding Photography

Sometimes I feel like I’m writing the same blog over and over again for each wedding. How amazing my clients are, how their families treat me like family and how lucky I am to have shot their wedding.  It starts to sound disingenuous. The problem is I DO feel this way about all of my clients and it becomes hard to express in different words how much each wedding means to me.  So instead of rambling on trying to find words about how amazing their wedding day was I will only say this – Kayla and Jason you are meant to be.  You are possibly two of the most welcoming, sweetest and genuine souls that I have seen paired together. You just fit. And I’m so happy to have played a small role in the start of what promises to be the most amazing life together.

Special thanks for Patrica from Moonrise Photography for helping me out with this one!

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