Oh baby // Real life pregnancy chronicles

So in case y’all don’t stalk my facebook page (if you don’t, get with it) – I’m pregnant! Yep preggo, knocked up, expecting, bun in the oven, whatever you want to call it. I’m making a freaking human being people!  I thought it would be fun to try to blog as much as I can about my pregnancy experience. Since I’m already over half way I clearly haven’t been doing a good job so far.  Things should slow down after wedding season so I will try my best to pick it up in September.

Thus far my pregnancy has been pretty good. I had the typical sickness/extreme tiredness in my first trimester but I can’t complain too much because since about June I’ve been feeling pretty great almost every day minus the fatigue which I know everyone experiences.  Plus I didn’t even puke once. There were dry heaves but no actual puking.  I’ve heard horror stories from other women about throwing up at work and not being able to get out of bed so I’m thankful my sickness was pretty minor.  Also, I’ve been healthy and my baby is healthy which is the most important thing. So far, all is good.  The one thing that does stand out to me about my first trimester was the food cravings. When you have never been pregnant you just don’t get it. You just think oh yeah hahah women want to eat weird things like pickles and ice cream. Um…no. It’s more like GET ME A F*CKING CUPCAKE WITHIN THE NEXT 5 SECONDS OR I WILL CUT YOU.  It’s no joke. My poor husband. He did a great job of coping with me and making my every food desire come true. Which by the way all had to do with sugary sweets – candy, cupcakes, ice cream, you name it.

One of the hardest things for me about pregnancy is giving up control. I can be a bit of a control freak in certain parts of my life and having a baby certainly takes this away from you. You can’t choose what kind of little person you are going to have no more than you can control your weight gain (obviously you can do your part to be healthy but you are still going to gain weight in places you probably don’t want to) or what pregnancy does to your body as far as acne, hair growth, cravings, stretch marks and other lovely changes that come with the territory.  I’m still learning to just go with it and take one day at a time.

Even though this pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned, if I DID plan it I couldn’t have planned a better time to get pregnant. My first trimester was almost over by the time wedding season hit so I didn’t have to suffer through shooting a wedding with nausea. Wedding season also happens to fall right smack during my second trimester which is when you tend to have the most energy. I’m not sure how I could have gotten through this summer if this wasn’t the case. Also, by  the time I’m large and in charge it will be fall and business will slow down.  Plus the baby is going to be born in December so when wedding season rolls around again I will be ready to get back to work and it won’t be so hard to be away from the baby since I won’t have a newborn anymore.

If you can’t tell by the below photo, we are having a girl! YAY!  It was no secret I was hoping for a girl because my house already has two boys (including my hubby of course but he hasn’t quite grown up yet) and there is too much testosterone going on.  And let’s get this straight…this girl is NOT GOING TO LIKE HOCKEY.   By the strength of her kicks I’m predicting she might just be into karate.  I’ll leave you with a few photos from our gender reveal photo shoot (shot by Chelsea Jean Photography and edited by me)…..if you have any pregnancy tips for me please let me know – I love to hear from you!  Here’s to hoping I can continue with the pregnancy chronicles…..me and blogging have a love/hate relationship (heavy on the hate).

My highs and lows so far:


-seeing the baby hiccuping and yawning during the Ultrasound – so cute!

-all the Ultrasound pictures – I look at them almost daily because it’s hard to believe I made a freaking human

-finding out it’s a GIRL!

-not having to suck in my gut in a bikini because I’m pregnant, not fat, DUH.

-my nails are growing like mo-fo’s. I know i’s a vain “high” but seriously. It’s the first time in my life I have strong, healthy nails.   Can I keep them after the baby is born?


-Crying on my husband’s shoulder for about an hour because I thought I saw the start of stretch marks on my legs (turns out it was just bad lighting combined with marks from my pants from sitting down)

– working two jobs all summer and being EXHAUSTED non stop

-Food cravings for all things bad for you

-Having a mini heart attack every time I step on the scale. I realize I’m growing a human but it still doesn’t take the shock factor out

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