The six month mark // Real life pregnancy chronicals #2

Week 25. For those of you getting out the calculator, let me do the math for you. Over 6 months. Yep, I’m definitely pregnant. I look it, I feel it. Up until last week I looked like I could have just eaten a few too many donuts.  It was that kind of stomach where people who know you do a double take but don’t want to ask if you are pregnant because they aren’t sure and things could get awkward real quick.  I recently had a woman in my workout class that I felt was really looking at me and I kind of figured she was wondering if I was pregnant.  She didn’t say anything to me until she overheard a conversation between me and our trainer regarding the gender reveal photos. Her words were something like “oh I was wondering because I’ve never seen you have any kind of a belly before”. Well thanks…..I think. The thing about being pregnant is that you are sensitive. About everything. ESPECIALLY if it has to do with your weight.   I would highly recommend not saying anything more than “you look amazing” to any pregnant woman. Trust me. My husband nicknamed me “meatball” once. Yes, once. He thought it was funny but quickly learned it wasn’t.

All my clothes are now tight. Even tights. How can tights be tight? I mean, they are so stretchy!  Sports bras are tight, Lulus are tight. WTF?! I hate buying clothes from the maternity store because they are so expensive and I know I’m only going to wear them for a few more months even though I have already spent a decent chunk of change on some outfits because I had no other choice.  I have a belly band but I just don’t find it very comfortable. I go pee about 1,500,654 times a day so readjusting my pants that many times just doesn’t appeal to me. I need quick, I need easy and above all I need comfortable. When I first got pregnant I thought I would never buy maternity clothes and now they are my wardrobe staples.  And I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to go back and buy more in a month or so because everyone tells me that you go maternity clothes shopping twice – once in the second trimester when your clothes start to not fit and once in the third trimester when you are huge and even your maternity clothes don’t fit. Oy.

Other than my current clothing woes, everything is going great. Baby girl is kicking/flipping/stretching up a storm in there.  I’ve read this is a good sign because it means the baby is getting the proper nutrients. Judging by the amount of food I’ve been eating I don’t know how she couldn’t be fully loaded with all the nutrients she could ever need.  Her kicks have started to hurt a bit depending on my position.  She’s a machine!

Part of me can’t believe I’m past the six month mark and the other part of me wonders how the hell I have made it 5+ months without a drink (yes, I did drink in the first couple weeks since I had no idea I was pregnant).  No wine through wedding season?  What a cruel joke.  I also can’t believe that I only have just over 3 months left until this little girl is here. I’m so excited to meet her but at the same time so unprepared. I have a few second hang baby items shoved into storage (I’m not even sure what at this point), exactly 5 outfits that are mostly cute and not functional, a beanie hat, two pictures for the wall for her nursery and a children’s book. That’s all I should need right?  In all honesty now that I’m finished my weddings for the year I’m fully expecting to go in organizing and nesting mode and really figure out what I need to buy before this baby actually arrives. There is just so much to do/learn/buy/think about.  One thing at a time I guess…..

I would love to hear from any women out there what their top 5 recommendations are for new moms? What do I need that is absolutely essential to survive the first couple months with a newborn (besides the obvious essentials of course). Help a sister out!

Here is an updated bump photo. Don’t mind the crappy cell phone quality or my messy house!


-feeling the baby move like crazy and constantly

-getting some great video of baby trying to escape from my stomach (kind of creepy, but mostly cool)

-making it through wedding season

-realizing the countdown to meet this little one is on!


-getting bigger….and bigger each day and not just in the stomach

-having no clothes that fit

-being completely overwhelmed by how much I have to do to prepare for this little one’s arrival

-crying at the Bachelor in Paradise (damn you hormones!)



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