Mark & Kristel // Intimate Victoria Wedding Photography

I learned two facts about these two on their wedding day – Mark has an affinity for shoes and Kristel is really friggin good at decorating gazebos!  I swear I wish I had kept a picture of this gazebo that I took while location scouting for these two (they live on the mainland) because it’s unrecognizable. It had graffiti and trash everywhere and although the view is top notch the gazebo itself left something to be desired. On the wedding day Kristel and her family completely transformed it into such a beautiful spot to be married.

We did things a little backwards on this wedding day, which in my opinion is the best way to do things (eg dessert before dinner, duh). We all met at Hatley Castle for some family and bride and groom portraits to start. Next we traveled to the Songhees gazebo where Mark & Kristel had the most lovely sunset ceremony in the transformed-in-record-time gazebo. Lastly we booked it downtown so the newlyweds could grab a horse and carriage ride before it was too dark and I could run down the street like a crazy person trying to get a half decent shot of them.  I basically looked like a lunatic running down one of the busiest streets in Victoria with all of my camera gear (have you ever tried to run as fast as a horse walks AND take photos that aren’t blurry?), meeting them at the Empress a sweaty mess.  Totally worth it for the shots though!

Mark & Kristel – you two are such a beautiful and unique couple and I was so honored to have met your families and been a part of your intimate wedding. I wish you all the very best for the years to come!

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