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Mount Doug Couples Photos // Amanda + Kevin

This Mount Doug Couples photo session is one of my favourites in a while! I met Amanda through my sister in law and have always thought she was the sweetest person in the world! Every time we go into the restaurant they work at she always greets us with the warmest smile and a hug. When she contacted me about a couples photos session I was super stoked because I knew we would have a blast. The second I met Kevin I liked him, much like my first impression of his lovely lady. Warm, smiling and personable you can tell he’s a stand up guy.

In these photos you can’t even tell this beauty is pregnant (she was just barely) but now the bump is a little more apparent. She still looks as radiant as ever. I truly can’t wait to see what this little love looks like – I’m so happy for both of them. Amanda and I have had a few chats about parenthood and specifically my hilarious and outgoing daughter. It’s amazing when you are pregnant and envision the type of kid you are going to have. Often it’s the perfect combination of personality traits between you and your partner. In actuality you really have no control over what you get and it’s not what you expect! Mine was slightly spicier in the personality department than I had thought – bahhahaa. Kevin and Amanda – I cannot wait to see what your little bundle is going to be like!

Mount Doug is one of my favourite photo locations because the view is unparalleled to any in the city (which doesn’t require a hike that is). You get a little of everything – trees, city landscape and ocean views. What more can you ask for? Oh right – a kick ass couple. CHECK.

Leave the happy couple some well wishes in the comments after you check out a few from our Mount Doug couples session. Thanks for being here!

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