I Heart Fall

Fall has always been my favorite season. It’s still sunny a lot of the time but the air becomes crisp and it’s always so refreshing outside. Not to mention the beautiful natural backdrop for photos.

Most people start their resolutions in January but fall always feels like a new beginning for me. Summer is over which means it’s time to get serious. I find myself back at the gym, going to bed early and striving for balance.

Here are a few reasons why I love fall:

Pumpkin Spice Lattes

It’s acceptable to go to bed at 9pm – if it’s dark it’s fair game!

It’s also socially acceptable to not leave your house all weekend – major chick flick time

Lots of homemade soups!

Unlike in the summer months, I no longer resent the fact that I’m at work. It’s chilly and dark out-what else would I be doing?


Turkey dinner

Ugg boots + cozy jackets

It’s ok to pack on a few pounds because you can hide under a sweater…no more having to worry about wearing a bikini every weekend


Now if we could just skip winter and go right into spring…..



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