Sheena & Frank


I was super excited to shoot the beautiful Sheena (and her partner Frank), mostly because it was my first maternity shoot but also because her and Frank and good friends and I knew she was really looking forward to getting these pictures done. We got together in early October and only a couple weeks before her due date. The day was perfect – not a cloud in the sky and it was still nice and warm out. I wanted to take full advantage of the scenery Victoria has to offer and decided to do some shots in Beacon Hill Park as well as Dallas Road down by the ocean.

We had planned to take the pictures a little earlier in the pregnancy but the summer flew by and before we knew it her due date was fast approaching. Looking back at the pictures now it’s amazing to me that she was so far into her pregnancy because she looks absolutely stunning!

Sheena gave birth to her adorable son Max almost two weeks to the day past our shoot. Pictures of the baby to come!




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