Tofino Getaway

For July long we headed up to beautiful Tofino, BC to do some surfing, beach lazing and just general hanging out.  With a group of 9 of us I was a little concerned about the house we were renting because we had never been there before but it was BEAUTIFUL.  The weather wasn’t exactly great the whole time but if you are going to spend most of your time inside, this is the exactly the type of place you want to be in – open and spacious with hardwood floors, a view of the ocean and a wraparound deck perfect for BBQing. There was also a big loft upstairs filled with toys which was perfect for keeping the kids entertained so the adults could hang out downstairs.  I think we must have played at least 100 games of Yahtzee (there may or may not have been shots involved in a few games).  

A girlfriend and I took a surfing lesson one day and had a blast. She had never been before and it’s been two years for me so it was nice to get a refresher. We even caught “party waves”!  In surfer slang a party wave is when two friends get up on their surf board on the same wave.  It was a pretty wicked sharing such a great experience together and even more so that it was her first time ever surfing.  I think she may be addicted?!

For two of the days we rented wetsuits for the little ones so they could go in the water without freezing. Have you ever seen a 2 year old in a wetsuit? CUTEST.THING.EVER. She was a little water baby and no matter how much she was shaking from the cold she would not get out of the water.  Watching my boyfriend’s son surf was also pretty amazing – he got up on the surf time practically his first go.

All in all we had an amazing time and I’m already dying to go back up there.  Unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures because I was paranoid about bringing my camera to the beach but here are a few to peruse:


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