Creativity Challenge // Challenge #3 -Light

When two photographers hang out, weird things happen such as this:

Just another Tuesday night!  Chelsea has a studio at her house so we decided to play around with light painting for this challenge.  If you have never tried this before and are into photography you definitely should!  All you have to do is put your camera on a tripod and keeping it on auto focus, have either your subject stand in the place where you want them to be for the photo (or use an object if you are going to be doing a self timer photo) so you can get the focus.  To figure out your exposure (always shoot in manual mode) decide how long you want or need to paint with the light.  Usually you need at least 15 seconds but I usually set it to 30 seconds to make sure I have enough time.  I always set my aperature around 5.6 or so. Next make sure your flash is either set to ETTL or set it manually (I prefer manual since you have so much control).  Next you change the focus to manual and set the self timer. The flash will go off and freeze the subject and then you can use the rest of the 30 seconds (or whatever shutter speed you chose) to paint with light how you wish. Experiment with it – the result will be different every time and you never know what you are going to get.

If you haven’t guessed yet, our third creativity challenge was “light”.  This picture was a joint effort as Chelsea did the light painting for me.  Check out Chelsea’s challenge photo here.

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