The London Chef

A girlfriend of mine was celebrating a milestone birthday last week and a group of us girls decided to do something really special and hire The London Chef to come and cook a dinner for us.   Here’s how it works:  after developing the menu to suit your tastes, the Chef comes to your house with all the foods, tools, etc needed to make the meal. Ours was a 6 course meal consisting of seared Moroccan tuna, fennel salad, sautéed prawns, grilled vegetables with salsa Verde, chicken and cherry tomato risotto and textures of chocolate. Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than that.  Not only do you get a meal prepared for you (and the kitchen completely cleaned afterwards!) but they teach you how to make the meals yourself. It was not only delicious but very educational and super fun. And I’m not going to lie – there are worse things than spending a night with a good looking man with a great accent cooking for you.  I would highly recommend this company if you are thinking of ideas for a special get-together or gift because they do offer classes down at their kitchen on Fort Street in Victoria, BC.   

Here are some of my favorite shots of the night guaranteed to make you hungry:



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