Tini’s & Toes 3 – CIBC Run For The Cure Fundraiser

After I completed the CIBC Run For the Cure 5k today I immediately reminded myself I had better do this blog before it’s irrelevent.  So here it goes…..

I was so grateful to be invited back for the 3rd edition of Tini’s and Toes – a fundraiser for the CIBC Run for the Cure.  Back in June I photographed the first Tini’s & Toes organized by yoUnlimited and as it was such a hit, there have been two continuations of this great event since.  The event was held at a gorgeous house in the View Royal area in Victoria, BC and the night was just as much of a success as the last two.  Great women getting together for a great cause and being able to have a little fun along the way (who doesn’t like massages, pink martinis, pedi’s, prizes and chit-chat?).  What more can you ask for?  Side note –  I purposely don’t eat much during the day when I photograph these events because I know I will be stuffing my face later on in the day – the food is TO.DIE.FOR.

I’m glad I could be a part of raising money for something that either has or will affect all of our lives in some way.  The run today was inspirational and I have the utmost respect for the cancer survivors and those who continue to fight this disease.  Keep running and raising money and we WILL find a cure.  Thanks for reading!

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