Chantal & Temperance – Wiccan Wedding Duncan, BC

Chantal and Temperance were married during a stunning Wiccan ceremony in the beautiful Duncan Valley last weekend.  The wedding took place at Chantal’s sister’s house that was so ridiculously beautiful that I almost asked if I could move in.  The ceremony was held in the back yard (out of the blazing hot sun – thank god!). It was breathtaking and was filled with lots of great photo-ops.  The wedding included “handfasting” where the bride and groom’s hands are bound with different colors of ribbon signifying their unity as well as a traditional lighting of candles which represented the North, South, East and West and their corresponding elements – earth, air, fire and water.  The ceremony finished with the guests singing along to “Stand By Me” followed by guests dancing while the 10 piece band played upon the exit of the bride and groom – LOVE IT! 

Here are a few pictures from the day – congrats to Chantal & Temperance!

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