Vancouver Weekend

Because I am a spoiled brat, I got to go to Vancouver for a weekend away with my man last weekend. Technically it was a business trip but the term should be used very lightly.  We basically got to go out for dinner with a bunch of super rad people (for free I should mention) and stuff our faces with tasty Japanese cuisine. It’s a hard life I tell ya. Because my man rocks I got treated like a rock star. We shopped til our credit cards were smoking and got to stay at the Pan Pacific on the 21st floor with a view of the ocean – WHAAT?!   The pool and hot tub were on the roof and because it’s the off season we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves.  Ahhhh…paradise! A girl could get used to this kind of lifestyle.   And the bed….it was like sleeping in a fluffy cloud.    

The views were amazing on the rooftop and I’m glad I brought my camera to take a few quick shots. .. ..enjoy! 


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