My last photography assignment was “wet”.  It could be anything to do with wet – implied, literal, whatever.  I had so many different visions but needed a model and that just wasn’t happening.  I was too busy last weekend to try to find somebody available in the very short time periods that I had.  If I could have found a model, I wanted to photograph a woman in the bathtub with wet hair and makeup running down her face or a woman’s body from behind with her wet hair dripping down her back.  Instead, I decided to go with girls gum boots and use them as a prop. I wandered around endlessly trying to find just the shot I was looking for. After a lot of trial and error I finally got the below shot I wanted.  

I had a few versions with different compositions and after getting some opinions via my facebook page poll, I went with the shot I originally liked the best and that got the overwhelming majority of votes. I think this one took the cake because of the eeriness of the shot and the endless possibilities it can imply.  The picture went over really well in class – my teacher loved it and I got rave reviews (whew!). 

Let me know what you think: 

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