Kelly & Chad’s Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing Kelly & Chad – my first wedding of the year – last weekend in Duncan, BC.  Having only met Kelly once very briefly, I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. Let’s just say I had a freaking.amazing.time.  These people were a ridiculously fun and easy-going group who were up for anything and everything.  My only regret is that we didn’t have more time to spend together.   

I loved everything about this wedding. Kelly is obsessed with purple (so am I!) so the room for the reception was decked out in all things purple and it looked fantastic.  Chad’s dad is Japanese so they even had paper cranes flown in from Japan.  I loved all of the little details like the gift boxes adorned in ribbon printed with “June 4, 2011” and “Kelly & Chad” on them. Some glasses on the tables also contained individually wrapped pieces of gum that said “stuck on love” with a picture of the bride & groom kissing on the package – how cute is that?   The guests were given personalized take home gifts including a framed picture of Caleb, Kelly & Chad’s adorable son with the bluest eyes ever.

The day began by Kelly being picked up at her house by a horse and carriage so that she could make her grand entrance into the Quamichan Inn in tasteful style. They couldn’t have picked a more beautiful location. The wedding was outdoors and the yards were green and lush complete with vines wrapping around the arbors and a field of yellow flowers in the back. I could have taken pictures with Chad and Kelly for hours, they were so photogenic and so obviously in love with each other.

On a bit of a side note: I swear I almost cried 4 times at this wedding. The only thing holding me back was willing myself to maintain a shred of professionalism. But I mean, seriously. A couple of extremely heartfelt toasts at dinner? Waterworks were welling up.  The bride dancing with her dad? Got me. The groom dancing with his mom? Again. Thank god I held it together – whew!

Hope you enjoy!

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