Surprise Proposal at Anderson Hill Park // Chris + Sarah

When Chris contacted me to plan this surprise proposal at Anderson Hill Park I was practically giddy with excitement!  I have known Chris since he was just a kid so aside from making me feel super old it was also so exciting 🙂
After texting back and forth for weeks trying to figure out a time that could work for all of us, we made the call on a Saturday morning to do it that day. If you can’t tell from these photos it was FREEZING!  That being said it wasn’t raining which had been our problem every other day we had tried to plan the proposal.  I got to Anderson Hill park super early so I could get my bearing and sneakily hide in the bush.  Chris and I had planned that spot beforehand so I knew where he was going to lead Sarah but there was only one problem. Anderson Hill Park is very wide open on the side he wanted to propose. I essentially had to hide in the bushes and once I saw them somehow follow behind them over to the lookout side without Sarah noticing me.  Lucky the wind was pretty strong so I managed to do just that without Sarah hearing me behind them.
The proposal moment was just so sweet.  I could tell Chris was a bit nervous as he was taking his time to pop the question. They sat for a while on the blanket until he finally got up and then back down on one knee. Sarah was ecstatic and of course said a BIG FAT YES!   She immediately knew I was there after that.  She told me after the proposal that she actually saw me in the bush when they had walked up but thought I was a bird watcher – BAHAHAHAH. Too funny as I HATE BIRDS.
Sending a big congrats to this beautiful couple!  I am so thankful to have been a part of this surprise proposal at Anderson Hill Park!  Rumour has it they are getting married this summer 🙂

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