Hipstamatic Times

I’m constantly amazed by technology. We recently purged our house and I found my original Nintendo game system tucked away in our storage compartment – how nostalgic.  It brought me back to the amazement I felt when I was a 5 year old girl opening my Christmas present to discover the craziest piece of technology I had ever seen at that point in my life – a Nintendo system complete with Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt with a gun that actually worked by pointing it at the TV screen!  Twenty plus years later I’m using my Iphone to take super cool vintage looking photos and upload them to facebook almost immediately to share with friends all over the world.  I also recognize the irony of having the technology to make your photos look as if they were taken 20 years ago – the vintage look is back but is being produced by modern day technology.   I haven’t quite mastered my Hipstamatic app yet but have so far been very impressed with the few photos I have taken.  Here are a few photos I took messing around in the park the other day: 

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