Park Time with the “Uncles”

These days Sunday funday has taken on a new meaning.  Usually it involves a beach or a park and some kidlets – today was Beacon Hill Park with our two adorable nieces Ava and Taya.  Taya used to be uber shy but now that she’s getting a little older she is coming out of her shell a lot more and has become much more social.  I know have two little girls who call me “Uncle Jade” – seriously hilarious.  We have been trying to get them to call Troy “Auntie Troy” but that one hasn’t stuck yet – just my luck.  My only hope is that when the girls find out I’m not an Uncle they aren’t mad for letting us for letting them call me that for all of those years. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Thought I would share a few photos from our day:


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