What Inspires Me Wednesday

It’s that time again!  Soooo as for what is inspiring me this week (do flannel pj’s count as inspiration because I’m seriously loving them this week, ahem…month) I would have to say the lovely and talented Jasmin Star. I have been a fan since I started reading her completely hilarious and down to earth blog . I ordered her “Exposed” magazine and it finally came in the mail this week. I’ve been glued it it ever since! The magazine is basically a tell all about how she started her photography career and includes advice on everything from the marketing and business aspect to how to interact with clients, pricing, etc.  I’ve found it extremely helpful because when you are first starting out there are so many struggles and so many unanswered questions. I’ve had a multitude of frustrations this year and to be honest was even thinking about selling my camera and giving up. Jasmine has restored faith in me that I can (maybe) actually do this!  She gave up law school for her love of photography even though she had very little experience with a camera and she has risen to the top of the industry in a very short period of time. 

It’s refreshing to have a real person telling you about her own challenges with photography and inspiring to know that if she did it then I can too.  Hopefully one day I will make it down to California to attend one of her workshops. In the meantime I’ll continue stalking her blog. Thanks Jasmine 🙂 

Oh and here is a random behind the scenes shot of me just because a blog isn’t a blog without a picture. Thanks for the wonderful Chelsea MacMillan of Chelsea Jean Photography


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