A Few Faves

In a pathetic attempt to try to organize my thousands of photos (is there such thing as a photo-hoarder?) I found some super old pictures from when I first got my DSLR and thought I would share a few of my favorite pictures from over the last few years. 

This picture of my boyfriend’s son is one of the first taken with my new camera on a trip to the Beacon Hill Petting Zoo in Victoria, BC

I went through a bit of a phase where I would manipulate images to the point where they were more artistic than realistic looking.  I’m obsessed with trees and can’t stop taking pictures of them although it’s hard to truly capture their beauty in a photo.  Here are a few examples of my tree art made from images taken on a hike up Mt. Finlayson

This is one of my all time faves taken in Montreal last summer.  I love how blue his eyes look against the water

Kind of a bad storey about this one: In my naivety, I thought I had gotten a wicked deal on a fish eye lens from E-Bay. Little did I know that when it comes to buying a lens, there is usually no such thing as a deal. If you are getting it for cheap there must be SOMETHING wrong.  When my lens arrived I realized that it was a piece of crap. Poor glass, poor make and just overall a lame lens.  I only paid $50 for it so can’t complain too much but I sure learnt my lesson. The only thing cool about it is that you can make trees look very Tim Burton-esque.   I don’t think I’ve used it since I’ve taken these pictures

The famous Johnson Street bridge which is scheduled to be taken down later this year. One night a good friend and I grabbed our cameras and walked around downtown for hours just taking random pictures and besides a close encounter with some sketchies, had the BEST time. This is one of the photos that came out of that night

These pictures were also taken that same night

This photograph was taken at my girlfriend’s wedding (pictured on the left) last summer in Comox, BC. The girl in the picture is her adorable niece – they have the EXACT same beautiful eyes. Green eye envy!

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

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