A Chilliwack Wedding – Paula & Al Hitched!

When I got an email from Paula asking me to photograph her wedding in Chilliwack, BC I jumped at the chance.  I used to work with Paula and I know what a sweetheart she is – I also knew her wedding would be a lot of fun. Also….this meant ROAD TRIP!  I love a good road trip, especially when it involves stopping in Vancouver and shopping on the way – hellooo H&M!

I didn’t realize how beautiful Chilliwack is as I haven’t spent much time there – it has been about 15 years since I have even been there.  I had a chance to check out the wedding location the night before and the drive to the Hall where the wedding was held was GORGEOUS, the weather was perfect. There were so many rustic looking barns and beautiful open fields with endless shades of green – paradise!   Needless to say I was completely inspired to shoot portraits the next day.  When I woke up to rain and fog I had a mini panic attack but thank dear sweet baby Jesus that it cleared up just before the wedding.

The ceremony was soo beautiful.  Paula looked absolutely radiant and so freaking happy.  You know how sometimes when two people get married you just KNOW that they are going to be together forever??  These two have definite staying power.   I had such a blast at the wedding and feel very fortunate to have met a tonne of wonderful people.  Here are some pics from the day –  it’s a long one so grab a coffee, put your feet up and enjoy! 

 Random side note – there was this crazy frog migration going on so there were detours all over the roads.  Apparently these frogs are an endangered species so in the hopes of preventing them from getting run over during the migration only local traffic was allowed through.  We stopped and had a look at the frogs – they were so cute and tiny and there must have been thousands of them crossing the road.  It’s kind of hard to see them in the pictures because they are so tiny but if you look closely you can make out all the black dots…. How can anyone eat frog legs? They are just too stinking cute!

This may have been my favorite part of the wedding – Paula rode in on Al’s bike with him, holding onto her veil for dear life. Talk about BAD ASS!

 This kid was so cute – he had a cast on and made every single person at the wedding sign it

These kids were awesome too – they were trying to get the party started with some serious air guitar and then proceeded to shot gun Brisk Lemonade – WOOT WOOT!

The bottoms were falling off everyone’s wine glasses so they couldn’t put them down without downing their drinks first – sounds like a good excuse if you ask me!

 These bubbles were insane. Usually it’s hard to keep a bubble from popping but these were like freakish alien bubbles – you couldn’t get them to pop, it was the weirdest thing 


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