Willow & Karen’s Love Story

Willow & Karen are from Seattle and we decided to meet up for coffee to chat about their wedding one weekend when they were in Victoria.  This is pretty much what happened in my mind after our meeting: “Ok I’m pretty sure that if we lived in the same town we would hang out. I could totally see us being friends. They are super down to earth, lovely and sweet people. So easy going and just so NICE.” And then two minutes later I realized that even not only was this borderline stalker mentality completely ridiculous but I’m pretty sure that at some point within the first hour of us hanging out I would probably offend them somehow. You can take the girl out of Bella Coola but you can’t take the Bella Coola out of the girl.

New friend fantasies aside (by the way I am NOT a stalker for any potential clients reading this) I was so honoured to be a part of this intimate wedding.  Held at the Fairholme Manor it was everything I would ever hope my own wedding to be – sincere, lovely, classy and above all stress free.  I was invited to stay for a picnic afterwards and the food was AMAZING. Better yet I got to take food home with me!  Photographing a wedding AND getting a doggy bag? Sounds like a little slice of heaven.  Congrats you two.

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