Ava Turns 2!

My adorable niece Ava had her 2nd birthday party was today.  I have decided she may just be one of the cutest girls in the world.  The fact that she was born two years ago blows my mind. I know people say this all the time but it literally seems like just a couple months ago we were at the hospital holding her for the first time.  I’m not a big fan newborn babies because they freak me out (how do you hold them? where exactly is that soft spot again?) but for some reason I had no trouble holding Ava when she was first born.  Over the last couple years she has turned into such a happy girl. She’s so affectionate and seems to be laughing all the time.  Usually she comes over for a visit and we do things like jump on the bed or I make a complete fool of myself by making ridiculous faces by blowing my lips on our glass patio door. And even thought she calls me “Uncle Jade” I still love her to pieces.  

We got her a pink tutu today which I was dying to capture on camera, but it is next to impossible to make a two year old sit still for a picture, especially with hordes of other kids around.  As soon as it gets warmer outside I am definitely doing a photo shoot with her because what is cuter than a two year old girl in a pink tutu and gum boots? Seriously.




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