I Guess It’s That Time Again….

I’m a bit of a self admitted Grinch when it comes to Christmas BUT I’m starting to come around. I think.  I still cringe when I hear Christmas music but I have come a long way from a couple of years ago when the only decorations in my house were a plant adorned with one pathetic ornament.  Having a kid around the house has definitely helped open my eyes to the possibility that Christmas can be something more than suicidal thoughts after getting your Visa Bill on January 1st.  This week has been pretty Christmas-y and it hasn’t been that bad.  Earlier in the week we watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and last night we put up our Charlie Brown tree fully decorated with disco balls, paper men and a makeshift white star.  Then I made the kids Rice Krispie snowmen complete with raisin eyes and a nose.  I have to admit we had a pretty good night (nothing to do with the bottle of Pinot I drank, I swear) AND it involved Christmas decorating. Maybe my heart grew three sizes last night?


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