On the other side.

So as some people may know, I got engaged last year. You can see my amazing ring here!  I’m just in the beginning stages of wedding planning but thanks to Pinterest I feel like I”m really making some headway. In fact if money was no option I’m pretty sure I have already planned my wedding on Pinterest (I’m an addict).  It’s crazy being on the other side of things – the planning side. I can really appreciate the time and effort that brides put into all of those details – wowza!  There’s soooo much to think about. 

Here are a few things I’m loving for my own wedding: 

This bouquet is TO DIE! I love the little pieces of greenery in it. 

We were originally thinking of having a destination wedding.  We have decided not to now but if I were to change my mind, I would DEFINITELY be getting these bags as wedding favour gifts. 

I can’t quite express my love for this – it’s so romantic in a morbid kinda way.

I love this just as much

As far as my handsome Groom’s attire, I’m really loving the grey suit. 

Is there a more perfect wedding cake for a photographer?

A little hidden liquid courage for the day of….

My obsession with braids continues. 


The perfect gift for my hubby to be! 



If you are a bride to be planning your own wedding I’d love to hear where you get your inspiration from – feel free to drop me a line or leave me a link to your own Pinterest board.  You can find mine here: http://pinterest.com/jadesphotos/since-i-m-getting-married/  


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