Taylor & Ashley – Twinsies!

To say that I am a little nervous around babies would be an understatement (refer to this picture of me holding one of the babies) BUT I was EXTREMELY excited to meet these two little ones. I photographed Rachel and Colin’s maternity session and honestly couldn’t believe she was having twins. The day I found out I almost had a panic attack for her – I told her it’s something people joke about like “oh hahah I bet there are twins in there” but to find out you are the one actually having twins is crazy!  She did such an amazing job and there is no doubt in my mind she will be an even more amazing mom to these two sweet girls.

 Grandma was in town from Ontario so we planned to take some photos while she was still here and if my memory serves me correctly it was my last shoot of 2012. Thank all for letting me capture your new family and I look forward to getting to know the girls as they grow older and documenting your family along the way. All my love!

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