One of the first times that I hung out with Alycia, we were at a Halloween party both dressed as Pocahontas.  It was pretty awesome since we are both part Native American….. I think we kinda bonded but I could be wrong since my memory is a little cloudy from that night for some reason :).   Anyways, I don’t know Alycia that well but what I do know is this:  she is smart, she is sweet and she is such a babe!   I had a “share” contest on my facebook page ( for a free portrait session quite a while back which she won.  I couldn’t have been more excited because I love love love doing creative portrait sessions and I knew she would be down for anything.  We finally coordinated a time to meet up and this is what ensued.    I mean, seriously. Could this girl be any more gorgeous? Not possible.  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking and editing them.

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