Goward House & Beach House Wedding // Natalie & Cole

Let me just start by apologizing for the length of this post. Try as I may, I just could not narrow the amount of photos I wanted to share down any more. In fact there are so many more I wish I COULD share. That is a testament to this wedding.  Natalie and Cole are just the best together. Their families reminded me of a modern day Brady bunch that I really wish I was a part of. Is it too creepy to ask them to adopt me?  I photographed Natalie’s wedding shower and from the moment I met her family they made me feel like I was welcome and just another part of their clan. I love people that like – they actually remind me a lot of my family.

Their love story is pretty unique too. Cole and Natalie have actually known each other from birth because Natalie’s mom and Cole’s mom have been friends since middle school.  They pretty much grew up together and then reconnected later on in life, falling in love.  I’m sorry, but is this fate or what? Can you imagine how happy their moms must be?!

The wedding day itself was so much fun. It was one of the more relaxed weddings I worked at this year, for sure. No matter what happened, Natalie and Cole were both so even keeled during the day and made sure to really soak in the moment and take in the day.  Here are a few (well maybe more than a few) of my favorite pictures:

A big thank you to my lovely and talented friend Kyra for helping me out with this wedding.  You can find her work here.

Julie Bradley of Julie’s Bloomer’s did a wonderful job with the flowers – how gorgeous are these bouquets?

Natalie wore the same veil that her mother wore on her wedding day! It took the dress to a whole other level – she looked absolutely stunning.

And the cutest flower girl EVER award goes to….

The Goward House in Cadboro Bay served as a lovely ceremony location.

The reception was held at The Beach House Restaurant which was an amazing venue – look at that view!

There were a lot of heartfelt speeches including one from this cutie who (without being asked to) decided to give her best to the bride and groom. So friggin cute!

I’ve never seen to many guests dance as at this wedding. Every single person was pretty much on the dance floor including all the kids – it was so awesome!

Cole and Nat – I wish you all the happiness in the world because you truly deserve it.  Your life as husband and wife is going to be every bit as amazing as you are together.  All the best!

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