Creativity Challenge 2014 – Challenge #1- Freelensing

Because it’s officially the off season for me, I’m excited to start doing some more personal projects. Getting back to shooting creatively is something I have wanted to do for a while but just haven’t had the time.  Chelsea from Chelsea Jean Photography and I have decided to have a “creativity challenge” where we pick a topic that we have to shoot for every two weeks. It can be a topic, a technique, or anything really.  At the end of the two weeks we will each be blogging and posting our challenge photos.

The first challenge was “freelensing”.  This is basically a shooting technique where you take the lens off your camera and move it around manually in front of your sensor until you get something in focus (or not depending on what you are going for).  This has some really neat effects but it’s actually super hard to do!!  I decided to go for something more creative here because I love how free lensing can you give you that dreamy feel.

This photo was taken in Beacon Hill Park between photo sessions this weekend. It’s the leaves of a weeping willow above a pond.  I love the abstract look of this and am super happy with how it turned out. I’m in love with weeping willows 🙂

Check out Chelsea’s image here.

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