Best of 2020 // A Year in Review

The best of 2020 is here!  A year in review, through photos!  This post is definitely my favourite post ever. I love reminiscing on a year – even one as challenging as 2020. Even though it may have been a tough one in so many ways, I still got to meet a lot of new people and that always makes me happy.

I am so thankful to each and every one of you. Truly.  When the pandemic hit my husband and I had just bought our house. Talk about terrible timing. We couldn’t get anyone in to look at our basement suite let alone a tenant because the whole city was on lockdown for a few months. Not only that but I thought my business was going under. I had a number of wedding cancellations and postponements which was pretty devastating.  I wasn’t sure how long things were going to be locked down and I was preparing for the worst – that nobody was going to get married that year and that I would have little to no family sessions either.

On top of all that I was really struggling mentally trying to work from home with my 2nd job with a 4 year old which as everyone knows is two full time jobs and is not sustainable for any amount of time.

Amidst all of the chaos and uncertainty I managed to bounce back. Did I work my ass of ? YES. Did I have a crappy year financially? Also yes. But guys, I’M STILL HERE. And that is truly thanks to every single one of you.  Everyone who left me a review, booked a session, commented on a post, referred me to a friend, bought a print, etc.  Thank you for supporting a small business. Thanks for letting me pay my bills. Thank you for allowing me to feed my family. And mostly thank you for allowing me to continue to do what I love.  You all are the real MVP’s here.

With all that cheese out of the way – here is the best of 2020!  A photo from every single session I shot this year. LOVE YOU GUYS!


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