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Well, well. Look at me go. Two personal blog posts in a month – killing it!  If you missed my first installment of “love this stuff” you can check it out here.

Here is some more blog worthy stuff that I’m lovin these days.

1.  Ben Howard. I’ve been waiting with baited breath for his new album to come out and it’s FINALLY here. And it’s sooooo worth the wait. It’s super moody and atmospheric and perfect for a chill, rainy day which we are seeming to have a lot of these days.  Good stuff.  You can buy it here. 

2. Short hair! I chopped my hair off a couple weeks ago and it’s pure heaven. No more buckets of conditioner in the morning or having to use two hair ties just to put all my hair up.   It just feels so much fresher and unbelievably healthy!  It’s funny how fall is a season of change. I’m always doing something different with my hair when the weather turns.  If you need a change, go see my girl Robin at Parlour Hair Boutique – she is really amazing at what she does.

3. Thermal Spring Water Facial Spray.  I am completely aware that this is a bit ridiculous. This company is laughing all the way to the bank selling “spring water” for $22 a bottle for suckers like me to refresh their face with.  For all I know it’s sewer water. But….having said all that I really love this stuff!  It’s a refreshing mist that makes me skin feel so soothed and soft. You can buy a small bottle for $10 to try it out but it goes fast you so might as well buy the large size.  You can fiind this brand at pretty much any drug store or you can get it here. 

4.  Vintage clothing stores. We recently got hardwood floors in our condo and are now on a budget until we pay them off (so boring). As per my husband I’m not allowed to go shopping anymore. But….here’s the thing. I’ve found a loop hole. If I clean out my closet and take some clothes to my favorite vintage store in Victoria called Duchess and Duke, I wait a few months and get a store credit for my clothing that they sold. Meaning I can use that store credit in their wonderful store and GO SHOPPING. Hahahahah!  And if I spent a little extra here or there my husband will never know (he doesn’t read my blog). As of recent, I’ve gotten a fur vest, a wicked pair of jeans ($17 only!), an army jacket and an awesome vintage blazer for work.  Score!

5.  Nars Blush in Orgasm This blush is as good as it sounds. It’s been a favorite of mine for years and no matter what other brands I try I just keep coming back to this one. They have a ton of colors but I have more of an olive skin tone (yay for half breeds!) I prefer this color as it’s the perfect amount of pink without looking fake. Love, love LOVE it. I get mine from Sephora here.

Thanks for reading! As always, I LOVE hearing from you.  Comment and tell me what you are loving these days 🙂

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