Seth & Courtney // A San Francisco Proposal

Something really great happened during our family trip to San Francisco. My brother got ENGAGED!  I had originally asked him and his girlfriend Courtney if we could do a photo shoot when we were there so I could have some pictures to add to my portfolio and they happily agreed.  I heard from my brother a couple weeks later and he confessed that he was hoping to propose to her.  How perfect!  We planned the whole thing – I would take them shopping and style them, we would find the perfect spot with the Golden Gate in the background and pretend to do their photo shoot and he would propose.  It worked out better than expected because we ended up hiring a limo that night to drive us around. We got to see a bit of the city first and I discreetly spoke with our limo driver letting him know my brothers plans to propose later on so he took us to a great location so Seth could pop the question.  It was such a special moment and I barely held it together long enough to get the photos. She was crying, I was crying, my mom was crying, it was a hot mess (in a good way).  Courtney was sooo surprised and of course over the moon. She’s always joking around that she is going to propose and he is going to have to take her last name when they get married. No worries now – my brother can keep his manhood.  I can’t even tell you how happy I am that these two are getting married!!  I CAN’T.WAIT. And to be there for the proposal too?  Amazing.

The big moment!

She was so nervous she gave him her right hand!!!

I’ll end with this photo bomb from my husband because it makes me laugh every time.

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