Let’s Get Real Contest // Portrait Session Giveaway!!

Being real is something that I strive to do all the time. With my friends, with my colleagues, with my clients and even with myself.  I don’t  appreciate the fake-ness in this world, and there is a lot of it especially on social media. We are all guilty of it at times but I do think it’s important to be mindful of what is really going on around us because there is a lot of damage that can be done when we aren’t.

Sooooooooo that being said, who is ready to get REAL with me and win a photo shoot in the process?? I’m so  sick of these fake realities that we create on social media. We post about only the highlights in our lives – the best of the best. We arrange our words so that everything is made out to be a lot more perfect than it really is and in the process make others feel that somehow their “normal” lives are not quite up to par. 

Let’s stop the cycle of fake-ness and GET REAL. It’s the real movement people and it’s going to be more than awesome because it’s going to be real.

Here’s the deal – email me ([email protected]) a photo of yourself and 5 real facts that could be perceived as flaws in this fake a$$ society that we live in. Make sure that you are comfortable with me sharing both your photo and your facts on my facebook page (www.facebook.com/jadesphotos) and other social media. Get as deep as you want or keep it light – it’s up to you. Submissions run until April 15th and after that I will be posting the photos and facts on facebook so people can vote on their favorite. You will win a 1 hour portrait session with me to document your real beauty, perceived flaws and all 🙂 

I’ll start the process to give you an example of what I’m expecting.

1. I doubt myself, a lot. I sometimes doubt that my photography skills are even good enough to call myself a professional photographer and yet somehow I am. I feel like a fake at times because I’m still learning so much that I still feel like a rookie in some situations. On good days, I rock the title because I know how far I’ve come from when I started.
2. I’m a realist. This has hindered my life in a lot of ways. I can’t take a leap of faith in quitting my office job because I’m afraid that I won’t be able to pay my mortgage and my photography won’t work out. I over think everything and I mean everything. I wish I could go through life blindly and with faith but I just can’t no matter how I try.
3. Only my right armpit gets BO, not my left one (ahahah let’s lighten the mood here)
4. I have half a fake front tooth. Why you ask? Because I tripped playing tennis and smacked myself in the face with my tennis racket. My husband thought I looked like a pirate and asked if we could go to Big Bad Johns (any of you Victorianites will get this). Who does that?
5. I HATE all eyes on me. I had to drink a mickey of Fireball before my wedding (even though we only had our immediate family attend) just to be able to walk down the isle because I knew everyone would be looking at me. I find it so embarrassing. 

BOOM. Your turn. Please share and spread the good word my friends.

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