The third trimester is here! // Real life pregnancy chronicles #3

27 weeks.  I’m officially in my FINAL trimester. Eeeek!  And in the same token YESSSS.  I’m ready to meet my baby, reclaim my body and not worry so much about everything I’m doing/ingesting.  Worry has been the word of the month.  My husband has officially banned me from google for the rest of my pregnancy.  All the blood tests and doctors’ appointments don’t help much either.  Is it possible to get tested for anything else?  Whoever said that you will find out if anything is wrong with you while you are pregnant was definitely right about that.  I feel like I have been tested for every possible disease/thing that can be wrong with you.  I don’t want to have any more blood drawn, pee in any more cups or visit any Life Lab for ANYTHING, EVER AGAIN.

In other news, my belly continues to grow, and grow. Sometimes I see my reflection when I’m out walking and literally do not recognize myself. I’m not sure I will ever get used to this body. And I know it’s only going to get bigger from here! Another physical change that I’ve really noticed is my teeth/gums. Sometimes when I floss, my gums will just start bleeding.  Not a bit, a lot. It’s sick. I will be spitting blood into the sink wondering WTF is happening to my body and simultaneously being thankful there are no vampires around. ALSO, my teeth are clearly becoming softer because I had to go to the dentist after a large piece of my tooth came off after flossing. Yes, flossing. Not with steel wool but with a tiny little dainty piece of string. I found out my tooth is almost shattered and a few more have cracks on because I am probably grinding them at night (I do this when I’m stressed/have a lot on my mind).  I’m not able to have an x-ray because I’m pregnant so I had to get a temporary crown filling until I can get a crown, which I might add is expensive as hell  even though half of it is covered by my medical.  Joy to the world.  Its times like this that I want to cut my husband because he doesn’t have to deal with any of this crap. Sorry, just keeping it real.

Onto more positive things – I’m feeling slightly more organized with the baby gear. We have a great quality stroller, a 3 in one bassinet/crib/change table, some basic baby clothes, swaddles, hats, and some diapers. I’ve also started a baby registry to keep track of everything else we need/want.  We have done our research on car seats and all the other important things which was to me the most tedious part of the whole process.

That’s all I’ve got for now – more updates to come!  Here is a current pic of my growing girl (again, don’t mind the cell phone pic).


-the baby continues to get stronger and stronger making it actually amusing to watch my stomach move around like crazy at times

-feeling baby’s hiccups for the first time – so cute!

-no varicose vein/stretch marks YET….this is good, right?

-my husband sending me a surprise bouquet of flowers to work to cheer me up after a particularly bad week along with the sweetest card telling me I’m going to be the best momma– what a guy, maybe I won’t cut him after all



-back to crying more than normal, sometimes out of the blue

-dealing with dental problems (which sparked a crying episode of course)

-going out with friends and realizing I have nothing more exciting to talk about than a recent stroller purchase

-I can’t BREATHE!  I am so stuffed up particularly at night that it makes it really hard to get to sleep. Also I’ve never had so many nosebleeds in my life

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