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Dani // Creative Portrait Session

I can’t explain how fun it was to get out and shoot creatively! I think it’s natural for photographers (particularly wedding photographers) to feel fairly often they are in a creative slump. It’s a hard job trying to get all the necessary shots under a time crunch and you very rarely get enough time to just play around and have the space to create what you want or envision.

Dani is another photographer in town (Dani Cyr Creative) and we randomly chat on social media every now and then until we finally decided we had to get together and do some fun portraits of each other.  We had a blast but I could have shot for way longer except it was freezing ass cold and neither of us could feel our hands.  Looking forward to hooking up again when the weather is a little nicer!

Here’s a few of my favorites portraits of this babe!  Leave her some love.

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