Morgan // DoTERRA Branding Session

I know the term “boss babe” may be overused but screw it – Morgan is a BOSS BABE!  I always admire people that find their passion and just go for it.  To boot,  she’s also a wonderful mother, wife and human being.   Morgan sells DoTERRA products including essential oils (her website can be found here). If you aren’t familiar with this company or essential oils in general I urge you to follow her Instagram account ( because she posts some amazing uses for some of their products as well as tidbits about how each essential oil can be used to help with everyday real life problems such as cleaning, sickness, emotional imbalances and much more.  I have to admit that I really knew nothing about oils and their benefits before Morgan.  Since then I’ve been dabbling a little bit and it’s truly amazing how they can improve your life!   I think I may be hooked……Before I start sounding like a billboard ad I’m just going to go ahead and share some photos from the summer when we got together for a little branding session.

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