Brett & Shaina’s Elopement // Victoria Elopement Photography

Shaina emailed me around Christmas time last year explaining the vision for her and Brett’s elopement in Victoria and asking if I was interested in being a part of it.  I had to think about it for about .0002 seconds.  You have to understand that when someone emails me about an elopement I am pretty much always 100% in as I love, love, LOVE elopement photography but not only that – when they explain they don’t any standard bride and groom portraits and are looking for something a little more artsy and unconventional I fell in love with both of them.  Ok maybe that came out a bit creepy but you know what I mean.   Their wedding day most certainly did not disappoint either. Shaina and Brett were married at Birds of a Feather Bed & Breakfast overlooking the ocean on a super gorgeous July day with only a few other guests as their witnesses.  The witnesses were so lovely and happy to be a part of it, even hugging the bride and groom after and taking their photos.  I had to ask Shaina if they knew anyone there because it certainly seemed like it given their enthusiasm 🙂

For their portraits we drove to Fort Rodd Hill and wandered around exploring the bunkers and lighthouse.  All in all a pretty magical day.  And now I stalk Shaina on Instagram so I can see her adorable puppy they got shortly after the wedding who is sooooo cute!!!

I know that Victoria holds a special place in the heart of these two as it’s where Brett proposed and Shaina used to go to school here.  That being said I really hope that they come back in the near future so we can hang out and do some more photos!

Shaina & Brett – I wish you two the utmost happiness and that life is everything you ever wanted it to be.  Cheers to you two!

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