Best of 2017

I feel like someone should give me a huge pat on the back for only being a week into 2018 and actually managing to publish this blog!  I finish every year with the best intentions of getting my “best of” blog up and posted before the year end but it just never happens. Plus, toddlers.

2017 was good to me. I know it was a hard one for a lot of people but I have no complaints. I mean, it definitely had it’s challenges but what year doesn’t?! Overall though I can’t even complain. I photographed a ton of amazing people and was busier than ever despite it being my first year back after being on maternity leave. And for that I say THANK YOU. Seriously, thank you all.  For trusting me.  For having me be a part of your life’s most special moments. For letting me in.  Seriously, I cannot thank you enough or convey what this means to me. For me to actually get paid for what I love to do.  It was so hard for me to pick just a handful of photos from this year but I managed to do it finally (thank you Pinot Noir) and I hope you enjoy.  Peace out 2017 and cheers to 2018 being the best one yet.

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